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About Bollore Plastic Films Division

Historically based in Brittany, The Plastic Films Division of the Bolloré group is specialized in the processing of plastic materials for 2 world markets:

Production of ultra thin metallized polypropylene films used in the manufacturing of A.C. Capacitors.

Manufacture of ultra thin polyolefin packaging shrink films for the overwrap of consumer and industrial goods.

Driven by technological know-how and its considerable commitment to Research and Development, batScap, is developing products dedicated to the field of energy storage.

Dielectric film

A Pioneer and a leader in dielectric OPP films for capacitors.

In the 1930’s Bollore was among the leaders in the production of condenser tissue papers for the capacitor industry.

The expertise gathered during these years prompted Bollore to invest – as early as 1968 – in the manufacturing of polypropylene (dielectric) film (flat process). This material is at the core of modern capacitor technology.

Bollore today is the world leader in the production of this polypropylene (dielectric) film. The Brittany factories export over 90 % of their production to 37 countries world wide.

Besides our Brittany plants, the Bollore Group has located in the USA (Bollore Inc.) and in the People’s Republic of China wholly owned subsidiaries that are responsible for the sales, manufacturing (metallizing), and technical support for their respective markets.

These strategically located facilities allow Bollore to serve and meet the highly diverse technical demands of over 200 capacitor manufacturers world-wide.

A careful reliable technology partner

The development and success of our film business has been based – to a large extent – on our commitment to work closely with our customers on a wide range of technical subjects and to support these relationships with the full access of our technical facilities, laboratories and R&D personnel. This partnership has facilitated the successful and profitable development of new products and technologies for our customers.

Today, our product engineers are working to develop specific technologies that support the individual market demands of our customers.

This team of engineers in collaboration with our customers defines and plans their technical research. This policy enables us to meet our customers’ needs and allows us to be a vital part of their future developments and market successes.

A group development based on research

Bollore research is always linked to applied technologies.

Bollore also places great emphasis on fundamental research. Our research engineers work in close cooperation with university labs, research centres and major chemical concerns.

A tool at your service

Our manufacturing output and our flexibility afford us to meet the varied product and lead time requirements of our customers. In order to meet the global needs of our markets, Bollore’s logistic and transportation department work with great skill meet the lead time demands of our customers.

A complete line of products

Bollore offers the most complete range of polypropylene films products; from metallized to classical hazy rough or smooth films to the most sophisticated segmented mosaic metallized types.

Bollore meets the requirements of the world capacitor industry for high, medium, and low voltage capacitors. Our films meet market standards for power factor correction, motor start/motor run, fluorescent, lighting/noise suppressions, filters/power electronics, energy storage and nuclear simulation capacitor.

Bollore Quality.

We strive for the highest quality and manufacturing standards in the industry. Our production methods and practices are governed and controlled by strict compliance to our ISO rules and procedures.

This approach ensures that we supply material that meets our customer’s technical & physical requirements while ensuring the highest degree of compatibility in the capacitor manufacturing process.

Bollore Plastic Film Products

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Bollore Plastic Films – Display Applications

Bollore Plastic Films – Food Applications

Bollore Plastic Films – Centerfolded Standard Multipurpose Polyolefin Shrink Film

Bollore Plastic Films –Multipurpose Polyolefin Shrink Film

Bollore Plastic Films –Multipurpose Polyolefin Shrink Film with High Yield

Bollore Plastic Films – Bolphane BZ Cross-linked Multipurpose Polyolefin Shrink Film

Bollore Plastic Films – Bolphane BRX Cross-linked Soft Shrink Film

Bollore Plastic Films – Bolphane B30 Ultra Thin Shrink Film

Bollore Plastic Films – Bolphane BTTX 110 Cross-linked Shrink Film

Bollore Plastic Films – Bolphane BTT +125 High Speed Polyolefin Shrink Film

Bollore Plastic Films – Bolphane BFF - Cross-linked Anti-fog Polyolefin Shrink Film

Bollore BYO – Oxobiodegeadeable Polyolefin Heatshrink Film

Bollore Plastic Films – Bolphane BLG - Low Gauge Cross-linked Polyolefin Shrink Film